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Digital Marketing (Affiliate) FAQ

Does Affiliate Marketing Pay the Bills?

It most certainly will in time, that time can range anywhere from a month to a year or more dependent on how well the individual can take in the knowledge.

How Much Can Affiliates & Marketers Earn?

Another answer that this asked very commonly is the earning out somes for affiliatemarketing, earning potential can be high, if the individual has joined programs that give high or normal returns

Should I Try Affiliate Marketing ON My Own Or use a Community Or Platform?

I would recommend to anyone looking into affiliate marketing as a suitable means of income to enroll in a community that can provide free entrepreneurial training. Such a Wealthy Affiliate or Click Bank

What kind of products or what type of market Can I Be An Affiliate In?

Virtually anything online has a direct affiliate sales channel. Companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Bestbuy, Etc

What Is The Cost Of Starting Affiliate Marketing Or Internet Marketing In General.

Nothing, but in time you need to spend money to make more money so you will see yourself spending addictional bits on appas and things that can potentially make your life easier, maybe additional training



What Should I have Before I start?

You will never need anything more then access to the internet, on a phone or laptop computer, somthing that will allow you to write and properly work on documents and other data entry.