5 Qualities That Can Define A True Friendship

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Throughout our lives we meet some pretty beautiful souls and some of these people we go on to forge some very strong friendships with. Most will have a positive impact on our lives and some may come in only to teach us an important lesson before departing forever.

One thing for sure is that as we evolve in life so does the quality of the company we keep. You may still be fortunate to have friends from your childhood still present but as you get older some of us are forced to look further for quality friends.

Something I often tell people is that most good friendships are derived from commonalities, shared interests or similar goals. These will be the people who take interest in helping you thrive, often setting your interests before their own.

Obviously there is no universal way to tell who will be sticking in your life for the long haul, only time can ever answer that. But here are a few points that may serve as a guide to helping you gauge new friendships.

1. Trustworthiness

Trust in a friendship is huge, just as it is in a relationship it serves as the foundation on which your bond with anyone will be built. This in itself will be the deciding factor in a lot of friendships, to let a person in to be a part of the inner workings of your life is a huge step.

Ensuring you can trust a person with not only sacred knowledge of yourself but also with some of the closest things to you.

2. Encouragement

True friends have the ability to drive the hell out of you, they are aware of what you desire and have a knack of pushing you towards it without you even taking notice. These will be the people alongside of you not just in friendship but potential business or personal development.

Ability to inspire one another is important and will help to continually take your friendship in new directions. You’ll find the more things you endure together in a friendship and not just hard times, but the good times as well will help to build the bond between you.

3. Honesty

Part of being a true friend is having an ability to be brutally honest and offering an opinion, even when doing so might upset us. Someone who genuinely has your best interests at heart and is willing to tell you what is on their mind. The people will help you grow as a person and can save you from making some very bad choices.

Having someone in your life that will constantly call you on your bullshit is crucial, but don’t confuse this with someone whom tries to wash your personality or devalue you. Criticism and honesty from a true friend comes in private, not in front of other people or outside parties.

4. Integrity

Having a friend who operates within good morale ethics is not just important its downright healthy. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Essentially the morals, manners and attitude of your friends will begin to rub off on you. So make sure that the company you keep is always of the highest caliber. Not to mention those you choose to surround yourself are a direct reflection of you as a person to the outside world.

Another thing to take in to account just as important is that is this person willing to be at your defense in your absence and not just when you’re around or when it suits them.

5. Dependability

You shouldn’t have to or be looking to depend on anyone, but in the unforeseen circumstances of life are your friends truly going to be there for you. A lot of the time it is easier said then done and when push comes to shove, will these people truly be there for you or will their words be met with empty response.

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch is an empath blogger in recovery first and a serial entrepreneur second. Currently the acting CEO of Ballin Apparel and Co-founder of Influergo marketing agency. Interests include wordpress development, physical fitness, ecommerce & dropshipping.

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