5 Reasons Why Empaths Freeze Up Around Fake People

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We come across a variety of different people and personalities every day in our lives, and sometimes they are unauthentic. One thing can be certain about these unauthentic people, even though they look and act like regular people, they come with some very fake and bad intentions.

Fake people generally will try to come off as saints and nice to others just to be accepted for who they are not. They are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing, and as the mask slips off they begin to reveal who they really are.

Most go seemingly go undetected until the damage has already been done. These people suffer from huge personality deficiencies, most stemming from underlying jealousy issues and even certain hatred for those they are trying to be around or close to.

Empaths are very good reads of energy and emotions, this can create a struggle for them when they are exposed to fake or unauthentic people. Inauthentic people are camouflaged when it comes to everyday people, but an empath knows fakeness is around or a degree of inauthenticity is present.

People of empathic nature thrive and find joy in helping others but find it difficult to be around fake or inauthentic personalities, this makes it difficult for empaths to thrive in these situations.

If you know an empath and spend time with them and they suddenly are quiet or have a change in personality it is generally because they sense something you cannot see. Empaths hate this feeling because it is contrary to their belief and leaves them feeling very conflicted. Even when you are feeling broken the strength from an empath can fill you up and bring you hope.

Here are some of the reasons empath generally shut down around people who are not real.

A significant waste of energy

Great amounts of energy are consumed by empaths daily and of course, this increases when they are many people. Joy for an empath comes from healing or helping others, so naturally expelling this energy is not a choice at all and they will gladly do it.

The conflict only comes with fakeness and inauthenticity, because these people do not want to be helped, so enduring this struggle is in all cases for nothing. It can actually become an endless cycle for the empath if attempted.

Empathy is too real

When you study the lifestyle of an empath one thing is certain. They are some of the most real people you will ever come into contact with, some even taking another person’s issues more seriously than their own problems.

So when an empath stumbles across someone who is inherently untrue to their word or carrying a different message it weighs them down significantly.

Aware of original intentions

When someone decides to fake their own personality it automatically means their intentions are toxic even though this may not be the case all the time, it means a lot to empaths who by nature value an individual’s authenticity. Fake people want to be accepted for being people they are not and this becomes a huge source of conflict for an empath.

They create discomfort for empaths

Occupying space or being around fake people can create some very uncomfortable feelings for empaths. Fakeness and Empathy are two very different things that are impossible to intersect at any time. Empaths will feel restless and disturbed by anyone who is fake

They create confusion within empaths

When dealing with fake people it can create a feeling of confusion, The empath sees one thing but feels something completely different. The best thing for an empath at this point is to just exit this relationship altogether or risk being put at odds with themselves. You cannot help anyone without having a clue, and most fake people tend to give the wrong information.

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch is an empath blogger in recovery first and a serial entrepreneur second. Currently the acting CEO of Ballin Apparel and Co-founder of Influergo marketing agency. Interests include wordpress development, physical fitness, ecommerce & dropshipping.

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