5 Things You Should Always Keep Private

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What people don't know they can't ruin, and in our day and age it is very hard to find trustworthy people to confide in. There is really no reason to be sharing sensitive information with others.


There is nothing we crave more than being able to share our accomplishments with those around us. With all good reason there should be nothing stopping us either. But the world we live in today has changed and along with it, the morals, ethics and integrity of those inhabiting it have as well.

Most people cannot grasp the difference between shielding oneself and being secretive. There are things in your life that remain solely available to others only at “your” discretion and not to be the talk in everyone else’s day to day lives.

Whether you are in business or have an inner circle. Sharing any of these 5 things will cause you trouble in the long run and ultimately leave you conflicted with yourself or others.

Dreams or Goals

As the saying goes “Keep your achievements to yourself and let your successes make the noise” it really couldn’t be truer. It’s statistically proven that announcing your goals can make you far less likely to succeed in obtaining or achieving them.

Even making others aware of your plans can in fact damage your motivation subliminally and make you uninspired in your quest. So before announcing massive gains always keep in mind those few things.

Private Life

What people don’t know they can’t ruin, and in our day and age it is very hard to find trustworthy people to confide in. There is really no reason to be sharing sensitive information with others.

Even if you think it makes you relate-able and are using it to build trust and rapport with someone. You will never know what they will do with the information you have given them

Unless they are a licensed professional and there are non-disclosures in place its always best to keep your information to yourself or spouse.


The inner workings of your relationship or activities in your love life have no place in the ears of others or in social media posts. No relationship lasts with outside interference and most people who envy you will capitalize on the abundance of information and accessibility of your romantic situation.

Keep it private or you can almost guarantee you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. Nobody should be aware of whats goes on behind closed doors, that is a degree of intimacy reserved for the persons in the relationship.


Nobody needs to know your financial position. Asking anyone about this kind of information is not only rude but disrespectful in all circumstances. Your financial position is no ones business but your own and can act as a weak focal point for those looking to damage or even bring upon your demise.

Acts Of Kindness

There is a difference in being kind to others and being kind just because people are watching. Good deeds should always be done regardless of social media attention you’ll obtain, or maybe you’re an entrepreneur trying to elevate a brand by doing good in his or her community. Most good people have a track record of just doing good for those around them and it’s something people notice without having to be reminded.

The world is in desperate need of kindness, the type of kindness that exists without a price tag attached to it. If you’re out there doing something that aids someone, not everyone needs to know either.

Most certainly just do things out of the kindness of your heart and not because you need leverage over someone down the road.

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch is an empath blogger in recovery first and a serial entrepreneur second. Currently the acting CEO of Ballin Apparel and Co-founder of Influergo marketing agency. Interests include wordpress development, physical fitness, ecommerce & dropshipping.

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