The Secret Dark Side Of Empathy No One Talks About

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If you’ve heard the words “empath” or “empathy” you’re probably aware of these people’s unique ability to pick up on the energy in people and the surroundings around them and being naturally, very compassionate, caring and healers.

Despite these abilities, being an empath is not always easy and most certainly the Darkside of empathy is rarely seen. They may have a keen instinct in reading emotions and understanding everything around them but this does not make them superior in any way.

Handling Emotions

You may already know that an empath can detect feelings, emotions and life forces in their surroundings and it just as important to know this comes at a hefty price.

To be able to maintain one’s own sanity through overwhelming emotions is a feat. Though each time they experience these bouts of overwhelming emotions they continually do get stronger and more fortified.

While building barriers against constant lies, emotional instability, and negativity, they try as hard as possible to endure the sadness, pain and the darkness they feel in order to not lead themselves down a spiral of self-destruction.

Thankfully not all empaths fall into this most extreme category, these being the ones who have generally experienced a more intense journey on the road of beginning to understand their gift.

They attract some of the most toxic people

Actually living an empathic life will put you very close to living in a dark world. In one’s journey to bring light and hope to others, you are constantly followed by enormous darkness behind you. In your quest to help others you will attract toxic people and not even realize it. You will become drowned in their negativity as you are trying to help them, however, toxic people don’t always need your help and are really just using you.

Unfortunately, in most cases, empaths are tricked into thinking they are saving someone when in reality are just being used by these people who are fulfilling their own evil needs.

Surrounded by negativity

Unlike normal people an empath doesn’t just feel negative emotions, they, in fact, absorb them an exponential rate. This makes them highly susceptible to negativity. Unless they learn basic ways to cope and shield themselves. there is no way to stop them from becoming overwhelmed.

The more sensitive the empath is, the greater the effect and outcome will be and the reason why most continue to live in the darkness. An empath must learn to distinguish the emotions of others from their own in order to thrive and even survive.

Not being able to handle their power

You may believe having a keep instinct and ability to read emotions is really cool, but also understand not all empath have the ability to control this at their own will. The sounds, the voices, all outside noise, making it very hard to differentiate which energy to absorb and can lead to a very unstable mood. Most empaths have difficulty harnessing these moods and only do so after experiencing constant pain and exhausting experiences.

Empathy is very complex

A person of empathy can often feel avoided, different and misunderstood. Most ingenuine people fear getting close to empaths due to running the risk of thier authenticity being exposed.

Empaths can also have highly unstable moods, making developing a relationship with an empath very difficult unless someone takes the time to understand the characteristics of them so they can be the best supporter of the empath.

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch

Rosco Stretch is an empath blogger in recovery first and a serial entrepreneur second. Currently the acting CEO of Ballin Apparel and Co-founder of Influergo marketing agency. Interests include wordpress development, physical fitness, ecommerce & dropshipping.

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